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Game Drive Safety Tips

There are so many ways you can enjoy your experience as a tourist in a specific country. Visiting some historic sites and enjoying scenic views add up as the best for many. Some people will go camping or hiking to explore a particular country. Interacting with the locals, learning more about their culture, and getting to enjoy their meals will also give you the experience of a lifetime.

One activity many are yet to explore more is a game drive. It is all about moving across a national park or game reserve with a vehicle. More people prefer using a tour van or cars with an open top.  Game drives are common among tourists who mostly visit African nations. You should be prepared for such an expedition for the best experience. Using a tour van is an ideal option compared to your own vehicle. This is because the terrains in most of these parks are usually difficult, and you may get stuck in the middle.

You should carry some items for this trip. A pair of binoculars is the best for a perfect view of the animals and wilderness. You can also carry a camera to capture special moments and document all the moments during such a trip. Safety is essential during a game drive, whether driving yourself or using a tour van. Here are some safety tips to observe during your game drive.

Close Your Windows

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It is advisable to roll up your car windows during your game drive. Leaving your windows open makes it easy for different animals to pounce on you. You might be the next meal for some hungry lions or cheetahs if not careful. Always close your windows during a game drive to stay free from such.

Service Your Vehicle

Before going for a game drive, make sure the vehicle you are going to use is roadworthy and well serviced. This applies to those who are driving themselves around the park. The chances of your car breaking down in the middle of the park are high if you fail to service it as required. Fixing it in such an environment may be a tedious task.

Do Not Provoke Animals

You have to keep in mind that the animals you are viewing are in their natural habitat and they may turn against you when you provoke them. Do not get much closer to them and also avoid getting out of your car. This will keep you safe from attacks.

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