gyeongbokgung palace

Travel Destinations You Must Visit in South Korea

South Korea is one of the essential areas for determining whether to travel to East Asia. It offers a wealth of natural and incredible landscapes with historic temples, lush beaches, and blossoming cities. Korea’s habits still exist and have remained intact. It is for tourists who honor a very different culture, which they could enjoy when they arrive in the country. Besides, Korean foods are exciting and delicious, such as ramyeon, teobokki, or Korean BBQ. You can prepare a Korean BBQ at home. Therefore, you might plan to eat it in your hotel or apartment while traveling in South Korea. You can check some tutorials on Youtube or blog, such as hampersandhiccups page entitled How to Make Korean BBQ. Regardless of the foods, these are some travel destinations you must visit in South Korea;

busan sea


The city has beaches, hot springs, nature reserves and is famous for the world film festival in autumn. Busan could be the best destination, unlike Seoul, if you need a more relaxed atmosphere. Don’t forget to visit the Temple of Beomeosa and the village of Gamecheon, a European-style village on the cliff across the sea, which includes a Korean Santorini. If you like to fish, take a look at this Jagalchi market, the country’s largest fish market. You can go shopping and eat at their restaurant in the market.

Changdeokgung Palace

The palace belongs to some of the “Five Great Palaces” built around the Joseon dynasty. The castle is the preferred royal residence; it is where the king and the royal family have lived all their lives. Many people decided to visit this place to discover Korean culture back then when it is still a monarchy. Besides, the palace is always impressive to be captured. Therefore, they usually take some photos and share them on their social media.

Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower

With a height of 236 meters, it is the second-largest stage in Seoul. The whole area is called Namsan Park. There some other exciting places you can visit in this area. Besides, you might want to visit Namsan Hanok Village.

This preserved historical village could be located in Seoul and Korea, and that will be a replica of these ancient Korean regions with Hanok revisited or traditional Korean houses.

Seoraksan National Park

It is a national park in South Korea, which has been included by the government with UNESCO as a temporary world heritage site. It looks like a real biological wonderland, as it offers hills, mountains, slopes, and hiking to experience the park’s beauty. There are 1,500 different species of animals and more than a thousand species of plants. Buddhist temples can also be found in the playground as a series of ponds around it, fed by streams.

National Museum of Korea

national museumThe National Museum of Korea is known as the best museum of Korean history. It is the cultural institution representing Korea, as it is impossible to explore it in one trip because of its large surface. The museum includes art, background, and archaeology to present the nation’s history to the individual.

If you plan to spend only a limited period in Seoul, be sure to add this to your list, and it will be worth it. Artifacts cover a span of a thousand decades. Thanks to the wide selection of collections, you will be curious and enjoy the trip. Each of the pieces of artwork is by Korean musicians.


The Korean demilitarized zone is a heavily guarded and mined border between North and South Korea. This area can be visited, but only as part of a formal guided tour. In combination with the conference room of the Military Ceasefire Commission, which is located from the military demarcation line, you can pass a North Korean souvenir store on some of these tours. Visitors can cross the North Korean border while staying in the border region. Control towers, parks, and museums surround the area.

Jeju Island

The island includes the world’s biological, cultural heritage. It is about an hour’s drive from Seoul. Individuals dive freely to capture the seeds along with unique species of seafood. You can see them on Jungmun beach. It is a tradition that started centuries ago.

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